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Shandoah Goldman, Shiatsu

To Schedule a complimentary consultation or to book a session, please visit: http://somaticville.com/

(646) 671-7572

  • Shiatsu Therapist (Master level)

  • Integrative Hypnosis

  • Posture Alignment

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Shiatsu for Babies

  • Master level therapist

Shandoah is a seasoned integrative somatic practitioner specializing in teaching her clients about their bodies intrinsic movement and psychosomatic connection. Coming to her Shiatsu practice at age 17, the work has matured throughout the years. She trained at the Ohashiatsu Institute (1997-2002) and Center for Integrative Hypnosis (2013) as well as training in restorative Yoga (2016).

Through her experience as a dancer/choreographer and the daughter of an acupuncturist and an actress, she has developed a unique style that contributes to her thorough knowledge of the body. Passionate about inspiring profound awareness in others, she hopes to unleash that same awareness into the world at large.

Shandoah has traveled and worked internationally in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada. In addition to her Book, Babiatsu: Shiatsu Inspired Bodywork for Babies, she leads workshops in Self-Shiatsu and Babiatsu and Restorative Yoga. She is delighted to bring her practice back home to Charlottesville, where she grew-up.