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About Longtide Wellness Collective

Longtide grew out of a vision to create a space where experienced, holistic health practitioners could work collaboratively to support deeper wellness in our greater community. We've poured a lot of love, skill and experience into creating this unique space, offering clients a tranquil environment for restoration before, during and after sessions. It's a space to hit "pause" and integrate the transformative sessions you experience here.

We are perfectly situated close to the downtown mall with spacious parking.


We welcome you to come and take a pause with us and feel the benefits of taking time for yourself. 

We welcome you to find the rhythm of the Longtide and rest, restore, renew...

Longtide refers to the primordial rhythm of life that arises from our deepest stillness. This is where health resides. In slowing down our nervous system, we once again attune ourselves to the long tide to regain vitality, health and wellness.

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