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Joshua Levine LMT

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I started my journey with massage therapy in 1999, studying in Washington, DC, at PMTI (Potomac Massage Therapy Institute), and have been practicing for over 22 years since. I have worked in spas, resorts, wellness centers, private practice, and (in the last 9 years) in clinical settings. In those years I've partnered with chiropractors, and a functional neurology practitioner. I recently devoted 5 years assisting patients navigating peripheral neuropathy, and chronic knee pain.  


I've integrated a diverse array of continuing education courses paired with the many thousands of hours I've spent with my hands connecting with the wisdom of human the body. I am continuously listening and learning with an intent to be of service --to offer my gifts always in service to my clients' health. For the majority of my years I focused on my technique in deep tissue, and Swedish massage. 


In the last several years I've taken to investigating the realm of trauma, paired with the riches of the health which is never lost. I've learned to recognize the value of acknowledging both our individual and collective trauma history. Specifically, I've been trained in the practice of CST (Cranio-sacral Therapy), and many pivotal ways by which one can start the journey back to wellness with a keen awareness of the role of the vagus nerve/system. 


I am committed to helping you find/carve your path. "If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." -C. Jung

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