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Lory Bedotto LMT, MLT, NCBTMB
Founder,  Longtide Wellness and Cville Massage Therapy

(434) 987-6286

  • Master level - Massage Therapist


I began my professional career in massage therapy in 1989 and held my first license in the State of Florida in 1990.  I have studied, developed and practiced many modalities including neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic drainage, massage cupping, prenatal massage, & craniosacral therapy.


In 2013 I began a deep dive and training in pre and perinatal studies with Myrna Martin MN, RCC, RCST®. We learned of the many ways that experiences, especially our early experience, can land in the body and mind and how to fine tune our senses in working with these layers of  experience. Through this training and many years of hands on work with clients I have developed an awareness of the ways in which trauma, if not resolved, can be held in the body, creating physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms include chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

I offer an open heart and listening hands along with a safe space for fear, shock, emotional distress and imprints which can be held in the body from accidents, birth trauma or illnesses to come to the surface for resolution. The inherent health in the system is always looking for the support that it needs to rise up and release anything that creates imbalance therein.

Over the years of being a practitioner I have refined my skills to a gentler approach using mostly a blend of Lymphatic Drainage, Cranio-sacral therapy & myofascial release techniques.  I have found that through these more gentle and sublet ways of working that my clients are experiencing a deeper level of release in their tissue and nervous system resulting in less pain and more ease all around.

In 2016, my husband, Andrew, and I found the perfect property in downtown Charlottesville to create a dream that I've held for years. After a year and a half of hard work and determination, we are happy to have brought this dream to fruition. Longtide Wellness Collective is a tranquil space in the heart of Charlottesville where experienced practitioners come together for the health and wellness of our beloved community. We are excited to see this vision unfold in the community.


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