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I had an incredible experience at C'ville Massage Therapy. Lory Bedotto is an excellent MT and I echo her other client testimonials, she truly does understand the body. I walked out of here vastly improved, relaxed and feeling wonderful. The sauna is very user friendly, has a private shower and I would definitely urge this experience before the massage. This business is located in a meticulously renovated house and there is nothing like it C-Ville, super comfortable, tranquil and unique. Highly recommend it.

-Brian C.

Lory has been a miracle worker for me over the past few months since I found her.
I was dealing with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, and after a couple sessions with her my elbow pain is completely gone and my wrist feels better than it has in years.
She is such a nice person to be around, and always makes me feel like she really cares about me as a person and about my needs on the table. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about her profession, and I always take something away from my sessions with her that benefit me outside of her office.
I have tried dozens of massage therapists over the years and she is hands down the best by far.

- Derek T.

Lory has an amazing talent and with that talent proffers awesome massages!! She has brought me out of the depths of pretty severe pain and helped see me through different changes I've had and pains that have come from exercise and work. I hope I can forever see her regularly!

- Janelle R.

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